Alex van Rensburg – through the eyes of his children

20150622124220813 0029Born and bred in Zastron, Alex van Rensburg was an amazing human being. He had so much experience and always wanted to learn more. He had an amazing wide vocabulary in English and Afrikaans and knew the meaning of words most people have never even heard of. He could speak three languages fluently, English, Afrikaans and Sotho. He was never afraid of trying something new. He loved travelling the world, but always wanted to go back home – home being Zastron to him. And after returning he always wanted to share his travels and experiences with everyone.

He always put others first and was very proud of Zastron. He loved sharing histories, experiences, pictures and videos of the town with everyone else.

He went out of his way to get Zastron in first place during the “Vrystaat Dorp van die Jaar” competitions. He was on TV for the documentary on Zastron and was so proud to share the history of Zastron with everyone.

He taught himself so many things and kept notes on everything so that he wouldn’t forget or have to ask someone to show him how to do something twice.

He was very creative and took great care in detail when he made a book or video on something. He loved history and the origins and history of various parts of Zastron were very important to him. He even had a little bar (made by himself) and made his own Italian liquor, “Limoncello” (a liquor made of lemons). His little “Italian Trattoria” was a tourist attraction in Zastron. He always had his cameras (video camera and digital camera) with him and the batteries were always charged. He loved the video editing and making documentaries and home videos for other people to enjoy and to keep their memories alive.

Whenever anyone wanted to know anything about history and the origins of anything in Zastron, they would go to “Oom Alex” because he knew everything. He never turned anyone away or left any questions unanswered. The few times he didn’t know, he would find out as soon as possible.

He had a passion for tennis and went to great lengths to develop and encourage this sport among youngsters, as well as older people, throughout the years he lived in Zastron. He also played until his eyesight had deteriorated as much that he couldn’t see well enough to play or coach anymore.

He was a true gentleman in every way and got on with people of all ages and cultures. Everyone who knew him respected him greatly for the person he was. He was truly a gift from above to all who knew him and even more so to those who got to know him well.

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Op 24 Junie 2015 ontvang Alex van Rensburg 'n Afrikoontoekenning van die ATKV Zastron vir sy volgehoue bydrae tot die gemeenskap van Zastron.
V.l.n.r. Annelize Keevé (voorsitter ATKV Zastron), Domonic Paris
(bestuurder: takke afdeling, ATKV-hoofkantoor), Alex van Rensburg en Coenraad van Rensburg (ATKV-streekverteenwoordiger: KwaZulu-Natal en Oos Kaap).